Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cousins Visit

The Joneses passed through town and we got to play. We love to pack in the fun when we have family in town. I took all the kids with me on a walk to take Ivy to preschool. It was a little crazy but awesome.

We also went to the new park in town. The kids ran around like crazy and giggled their heads off.

Potty Training

We have been talking a lot about potty training the past six months or so. I have tried a few times and Gwen did not seem ready so I have been waiting for her to show more interest. And one day she woke and thought today is the day. She got the hang of everything after a week or so. We were so proud of this girl. She loves wearing panties! And looks adorable in them.

Sand Dunes

The weather has been great! We have just been living outside. We went to the Sand Dunes Saturday afternoon and we basically had the place to ourselves. It was wonderful. Every time we go to Snow Canyon I am blown away by its beauty. And these girls are too much!

Mommy Daughter Date

The girls have been working on filling up their warm fluffy jar to earn a date with mom or dad. They receive fluffies for sleeping all night in their beds, being nice, eating their meals, etc.
Ivy decided to get a cookie from Swig and go play at Fiesta Fun. We played some games in the arcade and then rode the cutest go garts. We had a great time! Spending one on one time with the girls is the best.

The Yellow House...Again

We had another Stanton Family Reunion at the yellow house in Hurricane. We had so much fun a few years back that we booked it again. We did a lot of four wheeling, swimming at Sand Hollow, giggling with cousins, treasure hunts, crafts, eating, and exploring at Glitter Mountain.
These girls love being with Grandparents and cousins. We barely saw Ivy, she was off with the cousins and Gwen and Ari were the cutest little buddies ever!

Friday, November 4, 2016


Our friends in the neighborhood have a boat so for Family Home Evening we went out with three other families. It was a serious blast. It made us want a boat! The kids had a lot of fun being with friends on the boat. They had the coolest tube that is almost impossible to fall off, so super safe for kids. Although, Jon was determined to have the moms flip off. Some of the craziest and funniest things were said on the tube that night.
McKenzie with almost all the kids, only two were missing.
Ari, Amelia, and Gwen
 Heather, Stephanie, me, and McKenzie


We went to visit the Wards now that they moved back to southern California. We are so excited they don't live as far away as before. Northern Cali was such a long trip we were never able to make it to see them. So now we have to make up for lost time.
We sure love going to San Clemente. It is such an awesome place. We made a stop in Rancho first to visit with Aubs and Morlene. It is always great seeing old friends!
It was fun seeing the Wards new place and just chilling all weekend. We shopped, ate really good food, listened to the kids giggle, swam, went to beach, worked out and just talked. It was a very wonderful and relaxing vacation.

On our way home we stopped at the seven magic mountains outside of Vegas. It is so colorful and a really cool up close.